Cicy Lyric
Cicy have 3 plugins as is used to create Lyric script for email stationery and Internet Explorer.
Work with Outlook Express, Windows Mail and all Windows Live Mail versions.
The plugin must be installed to be used and can be downloaded here.
More info About Cicy can be found here and at my private page as have some more info.
Download Cicy from downloads or direct link
Cicy update 2.28
Download plugins here
Lyric project samples can be downloaded here
Unzip to a folder
1 . Run Cicy and Select menu File > Open  and select czz as file type and click open.
2. Click on Preview to build the script.
3. File menu > Send to Outlook Express as News  ( If you like to send / post to a news group)
    File menu > Send to Outlook Express as email
The same is used if  Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail is standard email and news client.
Security have to be set to same as for Internet (Internet Zone) and include images, some info can be found here.

Html filters Metacreation, Corel and Movie maker effect filter can be downloaded here.
Direct Animation is not used much to day but can be downloaded here works for Vista and Windows 7 32 bits.

If you want to have a link on your page or in your stationery is this done like this.
To create a link to load  and list all song titles for an artist
You use Artist=Artist name