To start to Create Lyric Slide shows using Music Lyric PlayList
Stuff to prepare before starting:
  1. Have the links(url's) ready for the music files to use
  2. Collect the lyrics url params before you start.
     You find this at
     You only need to collect all after The ? mark in the url.
     Will result in this:  ID=109633&T=Numb&ADJ=0&DB=ce
  3. Create folders on your hd for images
     (Then you only need to select the folder to create the image list)
Basic info:
The tool have 4 columns
  1. Title : Used for Title item in the playlist
  2. MusicUrl : Used for music file item in the playlist
  3. LyricUrl : Used for download this lyric item in the playlist
  4. ImagesBaseUrl : Url for the folder for the images used by this item in the playlist

Download Lyric into the project:
The Lyric can be included into the script or download each time the item is clicked
But lyric should be included into the project in both cases to make it more easy to set when to insert a image.
Download is done using the Code menu:
Download Lyric menu

To view the lyric that have been downloaded, select Embedlyric in the property list and set the value to true

Now should the lyric be visible.

If you doesn't want to include the lyric in the script, you only need to set EmbedLyric to false again!

Load images into the project image list:
Browse for the folder where you have your images for this item in the playlist
You can right click in the image list for the popup menu
Browse for image folder
Or you can type in each filename or browse for each filename.
You can also Browse for folder using the Data menu
Data menu - Browse for Folder
Now we have loaded the images we will use for this play item
Images for this play item

Now can we type in when to insert images or let the tool do this for us.
I will let the tool do this since the lyric is loaded.
This is done using the popup menu again, but this time Autofill Line At menu
AutoFill Line At menu

Now should all be filled in :
Filled list

Now are we finish adding one item into the playlist.
To add more just repeat all from start.

Preview Playlist:
You will find 2 Preview items in the Code menu.
  1. Preview :  This will use the complette playlist
  2. Preview Selected : This will only use the selected items in the playlist

Create Email or News :
  1. Create Email :  This creates the email and open it in the default email client (Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live Email)
  2. Create News : This create the news message and open it in the default News Client (Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live Email)
Create Email or News message

To create email or News for selected can be done in the Selected Menu.
And to create email or News from html can be found in the Html menu.

You can download the tool here: