Cicy version 1.64

DL 98/ME


Cicy version 2.19 update DL
Cicy version 2.21 Full XP Install
Not for Win98 and ME!
Cicy Plugins
Word art import from word 2000> DL
Cicy Lineart Vml Lines DL
Flash Ripple effect creates flash movies 1.09 DL
Ripple effect creates flash movies 1.15 DL
ExtractVml plugin for Cicy, I can not say for how long this will work! DL

Embed Flash 3.17 is a program you can use to embed flash movies into OE.
It is much like Cicy but in EF 3 you can only use flash movies.
You can use midi, mp3, wma, asf sound files embed or as streaming.


Media Crawler 1.19 is a small tool to strip media files from sites and from tif
cach folder. Media Crawler also saves radio stream as mp3 files.

Fix & Common Controls is a install pack with files used by Cicy and EF DL
CicyRadio ShoutCast Radio saves files to disk and converts mp3 to Wma if you have Windows Media Encoder installed DL
CicyRipple Tool box 1.06, small tool to create ripple swf flash movies or Ripple image series
was written as plugin but never finished, and only collected dust in my folder, so I made a small tool of it
some may find some use for it. (uinstall version 1.02 before you install 1.06 if you have it!
Eml2Html convert Eml and Nws files to Html version 1.02
Batch convert your eml/nws files to html
Or extract sounds or images or html only
Load extra fonts is written to load extra fonts selected from any folder
Excellent tool that is fast and useful in day-to-day design work to avoid overloading the standard Fonts folder on C:\ drive when selecting optional typefaces in your graphics.
Mp3toWma is a program to batch convert mp3 to wma files
This is my first try to write some thing in VbExpress 2005, and it use Windows Media Encoder.
Mp3toWma need The Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 redistributable package installs the .NET Framework runtime
Cicy Check it 1.13 is a program to restore options for stationery use in Outlook Express
Included is a Install tool to install needed filter dll's .
Sound Watcher is a tool to monitor 3 folders with sub folders.
I use this tool to monitor my temp folders for sound files,
when a sound file is found is this file copied to a folder.
More info can be found here

Polly Site Crawler is an tool that allows you to save web page as a standard .MHT web archive file.
WebArchives are complete web pages with images and all, but all is saved into a single, standalone file (.mht).
Similar functionality is built into IE (Save as... dialog) but IE only Save one html page as *.MHT archive.

More info can be found here